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The content of this website is for guidance only.

The Case Studies and other advices are case specific. The legal rights and entitlements of both building owner and adjoining owner may differ depending on particular circumstances.

The Party Wall Surveyor is trained to give practical advice related to works affecting Party Structures. Legal advice should be sought if there is dispute on the entitlements of the parties.

Why Use Us?Why Use Us?

Works at or near the boundary can give rise to dispute. We can advise. Who we are. Tips for Property Owners

Case StudiesCase Studies

Case studies give examples of situations and the advice given. Extensions, garage and attic conversions, new Party Walls, a new adjoining house...


What is a Party Wall? ...My neighbour is proposing to build…Schedule of Condition… Should I object to Planning Permission?.... Where is the legal boundary?... Repairing damage… How much will it cost?